Hazard Perception Test

Commissioned by Austroads, the Hazard Perception Test is a library of 197 3D animated driving simulations covering the most problematic road hazards for novice drivers and (in a world first) motorcyclists. Designed to improve the graduated licensing system for learner drivers, this content is expected to replace existing ‘HPT’ clips, and provide jurisdictions that do not have a Hazard Perception Test an opportunity to introduce one.

As a technical artist on the project, I helped develop the production pipeline, created the character and vehicle rigs, and assisted the animation team in placing assets according to Austroads’ very strict script specifications.

I also recreated one of the HPT clips in virtual reality using Unreal Engine, as a proof of concept for the future of driver training content. Presenting the test in VR allowed driving students to sit in their vehicle, turn their head in any direction, and monitor traffic conditions in real-time.

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