Triple Triad

Triple Triad

A remake of the popular collectible card game from Final Fantasy VIII, Triple Triad is a passion project between myself and a few friends.

Aiming to reproduce the game as close to 1:1 as possible, I developed everything except the source art (which was extracted from various versions of the original game), and the card masks (for flipping purposes). It was a much more challenging project than I initially anticipated, but I took my time, and I learned a lot.

I had the opportunity to jump down several unexpected rabbit holes, and as my first experience creating an online multiplayer game I spent a lot of time Google searching vague terms like “UE4 online subsystem not working” and desperately trawling the results for answers. I got there in the end!

I hope to share a playable version of Triple Triad one day, when I’m not so scared of Square Enix’s legal department.

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