Osbert is a single player adventure game that explores an abstract form of ‘arbitrary code execution‘, a technique used by the speedrunning community to write custom code into a game via a series of very precise inputs. For more information on ACE, check out this video!

An eldritch horror game in which a dapper city-mouse gets way over their head into the occult, Osbert is a deconstruction of nineties-era cartridge technology, encouraging players to learn how they work and then use it to their advantage.

The simulated memory banks of both cartridge and console are presented to the left and right of the screen, revealing to players when, where, and how data is accessed and written each frame. They can use this information to ‘break’ the game and (if they’re good) tell it what to do.

Osbert is being designed and developed by myself, with pixel art lovingly created by my good friend Henry Bruce.


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